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Dangers of Cracked Windshield

If a rock hits your windshield and leaves a tiny crack, it’s tempting to write it off as insignificant. Even if your vehicle remains safe to operate, you could still be subject to citation—no matter how small the crack. And the small crack usually doesn’t stay that way. When a small crack starts to create a spiderweb effect, you’ll need to have the whole windshield replaced.

Glass is fragile by nature, even today’s tempered safety glass. Here are some dangers of a cracked windshield:

The windshield propels the airbag toward driver and passenger. The slightest compromise in the windshield’s integrity could cause it to lose its propelling power.

The roof
Think about car design for a moment. The windshield connects to the roof of the vehicle and provides structural support. Again, any flaw could cause a breach of that support.

Passenger safety
We alluded to airbags, but the windshield is there to protect passengers from the outside. Windshields were first known as windscreens, and were designed for vetting.

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What Could Cause a Crack in Auto Glass?

Cracks may be the most minor form of auto glass damage, but they can still cause big problems for vehicle owners. Even a tiny crack can enlarge over time, resulting in legal problems, safety issues, and more costly repairs. Here are some of the ways that these cracks can occur.

Airborne Road Debris

Road debris can be sent flying by other vehicles on streets and highways, particularly at high speeds. Even a small pebble can crack a windshield if it is flying fast enough.

Temperature Changes

Glass expands and contracts significantly with temperature changes, an effect that varies between the edges and central areas of vehicle windows. As a result, this repeated stress can sometimes cause a window to crack over time.


Although uncommon in some areas, vandalism can also be a cause of vehicle window damage. Virtually any hard object used to strike glass could potentially cause cracks.

No matter the cause of cracked auto glass, prompt repairs are always necessary. Today, our mobile car glass repair in Chatsworth allows area drivers to have their auto glass fixed or replaced at their home or work at their convenience. To learn more about the causes of auto glass cracks, vehicle owners can contact our auto glass repair company.