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Self-Publishing Books

The need for a publishing deal has faded as self-publishing options have arrived. Our print shop lets clients publish their own books, ensuring that their results are fully under their control. Here are some of the reasons to choose this approach for your book.

Make All Creative Decisions

Unlike with publishing houses, you can dictate everything from the format of your pages to the font and the cover artwork when you self-publish. Our designers will work with you to make sure you are satisfied with design before the book is printed.

Decide Which Content to Include

As a self-publisher, you do not have to compromise when it comes to your content. Even controversial or unpopular opinions can generally be printed, and you have the final say on what to include or remove from your text.

Enjoy Many Print Options

Our fast print shop in Los Angeles offers a wealth of materials, binding options, inks and finishes to make your book look professional. You can decide which print options best match the book you are publishing.

Yet another advantage of self-publishing is that you can quickly get more copies whenever you need them. By contacting our print shop, you can learn more about our options for fast book printing in Los Angeles.