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Dangers of Cracked Windshield

If a rock hits your windshield and leaves a tiny crack, it’s tempting to write it off as insignificant. Even if your vehicle remains safe to operate, you could still be subject to citation—no matter how small the crack. And the small crack usually doesn’t stay that way. When a small crack starts to create a spiderweb effect, you’ll need to have the whole windshield replaced.

Glass is fragile by nature, even today’s tempered safety glass. Here are some dangers of a cracked windshield:

The windshield propels the airbag toward driver and passenger. The slightest compromise in the windshield’s integrity could cause it to lose its propelling power.

The roof
Think about car design for a moment. The windshield connects to the roof of the vehicle and provides structural support. Again, any flaw could cause a breach of that support.

Passenger safety
We alluded to airbags, but the windshield is there to protect passengers from the outside. Windshields were first known as windscreens, and were designed for vetting.

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What Could Cause a Crack in Auto Glass?

Cracks may be the most minor form of auto glass damage, but they can still cause big problems for vehicle owners. Even a tiny crack can enlarge over time, resulting in legal problems, safety issues, and more costly repairs. Here are some of the ways that these cracks can occur.

Airborne Road Debris

Road debris can be sent flying by other vehicles on streets and highways, particularly at high speeds. Even a small pebble can crack a windshield if it is flying fast enough.

Temperature Changes

Glass expands and contracts significantly with temperature changes, an effect that varies between the edges and central areas of vehicle windows. As a result, this repeated stress can sometimes cause a window to crack over time.


Although uncommon in some areas, vandalism can also be a cause of vehicle window damage. Virtually any hard object used to strike glass could potentially cause cracks.

No matter the cause of cracked auto glass, prompt repairs are always necessary. Today, our mobile car glass repair in Chatsworth allows area drivers to have their auto glass fixed or replaced at their home or work at their convenience. To learn more about the causes of auto glass cracks, vehicle owners can contact our auto glass repair company.

What Material Is Auto Glass Made of?

Auto glass is not like most other windows. Two types of glass are used to make windshields and other auto glass, respectively: laminated glass and tempered glass. These types of glass are safer for vehicle occupants. Here is more about laminated glass and tempered glass.

Laminated Glass

The laminated glass used to make windshields consists of two layers of tempered glass with a layer of poly-vinyl butyral in between. Compared to regular glass, this combination is significantly stronger. Furthermore, the laminate layer prevents the windshield from shattering, which would raise injury risks dramatically in case of an accident.

Tempered Glass

The glass used in the doors and rear windows of automobiles is tempered, or hardened. This is achieved by heating the glass to a high temperature and cooling it quickly. As a result, the glass is far stronger than regular glass. If the glass is broken, it breaks into dull pieces that are less likely than shards to cause lacerations.

When auto glass replacement is necessary, vehicle owners benefit from the use of OE glass. The results are more durable and are likely to last longer. Clients can learn more about our mobile auto glass repair in Burbank by contacting our company.

Why Does Auto Glass Break?

Auto glass breakage, like many events, can be impossible to predict. Vehicle windows can become broken in several ways, the most common of which are detailed below.

Road Projectiles

Even on paved roads, your windows might be subject to flying objects. Pebbles and other debris, whether spilled or tracked onto the roadway, can be flung through the air by car tires with enough force to crack glass.

Low-Quality Glass

Uneven glass construction causes more vulnerability to breakage. Low-quality glass is more prone to carry this risk, so this is one more reason to choose only OE glass, which our auto glass repair company uses.

Vandalism and Theft

Vandals and thieves sometimes break vehicle windows. Particularly in cases of theft, auto glass may be broken completely, making replacement necessary. Car alarms can make this type of breakage less likely.

Temperature Changes

Just like a glass dish, a window can break with exposure to rapidly changing temperatures. In fact, this is a good reason to park your vehicle in the shade when possible.

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Common Causes of Break in Auto Glass

No matter how careful you are, you may not be able to keep your car windows flawless forever. Cracks can happen in a variety of ways on and off the roadway. Here are a few of the most common ways for car windows to break.

Car Accidents

An impact does not necessarily have to directly contact the car windows in order to break them. If enough force is involved from close enough, a window may crack or break completely.

Road Debris

Dirt roads are often involved in this type of car window breakage, but you can also get a cracked car window from driving on a paved road. This is especially true if construction vehicles are on the roadway, because they may track rocks from off-road areas onto the blacktop.

Other Causes

Windows can also break because of poor-quality construction, bad installation, or sun exposure. Weak areas within the glass, road vibration, and uneven temperature changes are common causes of breakage due to these issues.

The smallest breaks in car windows can sometimes be repaired, but replacement is often necessary when window damage happens. You can contact our auto glass repair company to learn more about how auto glass replacement can become necessary.