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Unconventional Uses of Printed Labels

Printed labels are commonly used for marking items for ownership or organization, but they can also be used in many other ways. With some ideas about less common uses for labels, you may be even more inclined to get labels for your home or workplace. Here are some less conventional methods of using labels.

Label Digital Media

CDs, DVDs and flash drives are often marked with a permanent marker. Instead, why not affix labels to these items? Especially with custom labels from our Los Angeles fast printing office, this can add decoration to your digital media.

Identify Power Cords

Many homes and offices are full of electronics, and the many cords and cables linked to the items can become a mess. By attaching labels to your cords, you can quickly disconnect, move and connect electronics without any confusion.

Mark Containers

Communal containers for small items, such as pens or paperclips, benefit from labels when efficiency is a priority. When locations are well established with labels, you can avoid having messy miscellaneous containers cluttering your space.

You can get labels printed for virtually any application at our print shop. Besides labels bearing text, you can get blank labels with your own preferred borders and other decorations with our next day label printing in Los Angeles.


When to Use Labels

In the modern world, labels are ubiquitous. You can find them everywhere from supermarkets, to post offices, to theme parks, to packages. Labels have a wide variety of uses.

In a business sense, labels are often used to mail items to clients or customers. Labels can be used for invoicing, mailing a brochure, or shipping a product. As opposed to using blank labels, you can use our Los Angeles printing office to design and print custom labels that show off the brand of your company. That way, the label also serves as a form of advertisement.

Labels are also commonly used on products that you are trying to sell. One label can be used to list the price, while another label can be used to provide directions for use. If you own a grocery market, labels can be used to list nutritional information or dates of expiration. For textiles, labels can be used to display care instructions and information about the materials used in the product. Labels can even be used for fun, providing directions for how a gift is supposed to be used. If you give a friend a mason jar filled with all the necessary ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies, you can use a label to tell them how long they should bake it for and at which temperature they should keep the oven.

If you need any help designing or printing labels, contact our expert in label printing in Los Angeles for more information.