When to Repair and When to Replace Auto Glass

Auto glass sometimes can be repaired, but it often requires replacement. Professional inspection is necessary to know what options are possible. The following may help give you an idea of when these services are recommended.

Severity of Damage

Repair is often advised for minor damage, including cracks less than three inches in length, as long as they do not penetrate through to the other side. Small chips are also usually repairable. Cracks that are longer or go through the glass typically ruin the window and make replacement necessary.

Damage Location

Where damage is on the glass also affects whether it can be repaired or replaced. If a window is cracked at its edge, there is a greater risk of the damage spreading. Therefore, replacement may be recommended. At the same time, cracks that affect visibility of the roadway for the driver also generally call for glass replacement.

No matter how small car window damage may seem, it should be inspected and addressed without delay. Our mobile auto glass repair service makes this simple by coming to you, eliminating the need for you to take time out of your day. You can contact our auto glass repair company to learn more about our services.


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