Are Home Alarms Expensive?

Many people recognize the value of home security, but worry that it is too expensive for them. The truth is, even full-featured alarm systems are now more affordable than ever. Furthermore, alarm systems can be even less expensive depending on which components and services you choose.

Surprisingly Inexpensive

Basic home alarm systems, including door sensors, window sensors, high-decibel alarms, and control panels, are often very affordable. After the initial investment, a small monthly fee can be paid for monitoring around the clock.

Factors Increasing Price

There are plenty of optional features that will increase home security costs. Depending on your security concerns, you may want to consider video cameras, motion detectors, and remote access via the Internet.

Alarms Can Pay for Themselves

An alarm system can potentially save you money by preventing a costly break-in, but this investment could also pay for itself in another way: by reducing your home insurance premiums. A reduction as high as twenty percent is actually quite common.

Home security is not a one-size-fits-all project, and you may get all the protection you need from one of the many cheap home alarm systems available. To find out about all of your options across the price range, you can schedule a consultation with a technician from our alarm company.


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