Trendy Maxi Dresses

Staying on-trend this season can be a breeze with the addition of a few maxi dresses to your wardrobe. Maxi dresses are easy, cool, and comfortable to wear even in the hottest months of the year, and they can be worn at both casual and dressier events.

Maxis are available in virtually every style and pattern you can imagine, from solid colors to pretty florals. If you are trying to create a long, lean look, a solid color might be your best bet. Finish your look off with a pair of neutral or nude shoes. Bold and bright prints found in floral maxi dresses are great for summer barbecues or beach bashes, but they can also be fun for casual Fridays at the office.

Be sure to choose accessories that fit the dress. Because maxis create a bold statement on their own, you might want to keep your accessories more low-key. A single bracelet or pretty tassels can add just the right amount of sparkle, or you can pair a fashionable clutch and earrings with your dress for an evening event. Long sleeved maxi dresses can handle the drama of a longer necklace or brighter jewelry.

What goes on under your trendy maxi may be just as important as what is going on outside of it. Look for dresses with built-in shapewear, such as a push-up halter or bust-enhancing bra, so that you do not have to worry about visible bra lines.


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