When to Wear a Wrap Dress

It might be easier to answer the question: when to NOT wear a wrap dress. This style is both professional and fun. Diane Von Furstenberg created this dress in 1974 to serve an alternative to pant suits, and it has taken off since then, and for good reason, too. They have now been altered and updated to serve as more fun pieces. The short length shows off the legs, and the neckline gives the perfect opportunity to show off some cleavage or a short necklace.

Mid length wrap dresses are perfect to wear to a cool party at night. Match it with a cool leather jacket or sparkly blazer, and some tall strappy heels, and your party look will be complete. It’s also perfect for posing in a power stance at the office, especially the red print wrap.

Wrap dresses can really be worn during many occasions and times of life. Make sure you grab the perfect one from the Nicole Andrews Collection for whatever life has in store for you next.

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