Different Styles of Dresses

For those of you who are looking to add a new dress to your collection, it can be overwhelming sifting through all the different styles that are out there. A lot depends on your taste and sensibilities, but it can be helpful to go over a few different dress styles that you may not always consider.

Tee shirt dresses are where beauty and comfort seamlessly intersect with one another. They can come in short sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, or long sleeves. They can be mini, midi, or maxi. However you like them, they are both soft and form-fitting, while still being extremely flattering. They are perfect for a casual stroll to a coffeehouse with some friends, but they can also be the perfect dress to wear for a night on the town.

Wrap dresses are especially great for streamlining your figure while simultaneously adding curves. These dresses wrap across the front and tend to be fastened on the hip. Wrap dresses can come in a variety of lengths and cuts, and are easy to accessorize. In fact, you can take the same wrap dress that you wore earlier in the day with elegant heels, and dress it down by wearing flats with it in the evening.


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