Choosing Your Maxi Dress

The type of dress that is right for you depends a lot on your personal sense of style and the environment in which you will be wearing the dress. It is good to keep those elements in mind when choosing a maxi dress.

Maxi dresses are free flowing at the bottom torso, reaching all the way to the floor or cutting off at the ankles. The upper torso is generally more form fitting. While their lengths are typically longer, they can come with either short sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, or long sleeves. Maxi dresses can be halter dresses or tank dresses.

Floral maxi dresses tend to be worn during spring and summer months. They are also quite popular at the beach or in climates that are warm all year round. White maxi dresses with sleeves tend to be worn during colder months, and are generally worn for formal occasions, such as galas or fundraisers.

Maxi dresses can be designed in a variety of colors and patterns. Maxi dresses are also known to work well with all sizes, shapes, and body types. If you are looking for a maxi dress to have a slimming effect on your body, you may want to choose one with ruching details at the waist.


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