Properties of Jacquard Fabrics

When you are looking for luxury fabrics for your next home project, you may want to consider Jacquard. Jacquard has special properties that make it strong yet elegant, allowing this fabric to be used for a wide range of home decorating needs.

Like other types of fabric, Jacquard is made by weaving. However, a special loom is used to make it, aptly called a Jacquard loom, that is used to weave this particular fabric. This special loom allows for nearly unlimited design options. But due to the versatility of Jacquard-style weaving, designs aren’t the only variable you can adjust. Jacquard can use a wide variety of thread types, such as satin, damask, and brocade. Moreover, when choosing the perfect luxury Jacquard fabrics, you can choose tone-on-tone coloring or a variety of color combinations in the threads that are just as varied as the design possibilities on these beautiful fabrics. These fabrics allow for a bit more stretch and show variations in luster exceeding other types of fabric. While jacquard is more resilient and stable than many other types of fabric, the potential for snagging still exists.

Because of the special loom and process involved in creating Jacquard fabrics, you can find a pattern to suit nearly any project you might consider.


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