Ways to Customize Your Fireplace Surround

Sometimes all it takes to have an attractive fireplace is the right combination of a fireplace mantel and a fireplace surround. While technically part of the same apparatus, at the exterior framing of the firebox, the fireplace mantel and surround serve separate, distinct visual purposes. Yet, since both are part of the same piece, both are highly customizable.

The mantel, or shelf, is the crowning element to the fireplace display. It can hold items of high material or personal value, such as photographs or trophies, or it can feature seasonal items, such as Christmas cards or Halloween decorations.

The fireplace surround, or the sides of the fireplace, is complementary to the mantel and is an excellent source of color detail. You can choose everything from green tones to enliven a natural look to a delicate scrolling for a touch of elegance.

Rustic fireplace mantels in Los Angeles are a great choice for homeowners who want the illusion of the frontier. Rustic mantels can be made of natural or cast stone, and are meant to evoke a den or cabin in the woods.

Your custom fireplace surround in Los Angeles can fill your room with positive energy. You can start to design it yourself with the help of our team today. Our professionals can advise you on all elements of your surround, including materials, textures, patterns, and colors.


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