Remodeling Your Fireplace

If your fireplace is a key component to your living space, you may get tired of looking at it night after night. If you want to do more than add new photographs or knick-knacks to the mantel, a fireplace remodel in Los Angeles is an excellent option to spruce up your home’s view.

Choosing a new fireplace mantel is a valuable step. There are many styles of mantel to choose from, including modern, rustic, and French country styles. You can also choose from a variety of color options, textures, and other features, making the mantel a fun piece to customize. A new mantel can dramatically improve the line of sight in your den or living room, adding drama and intensity whether you are entertaining guests or relaxing by yourself.

If you do upgrade your fireplace mantel, you will need to make sure your fireplace hearth is up to code. Fireplace hearths are subject to aging and disuse, and there are space, measurement, and other safety considerations that may vary depending on where you live. Fireplace hearths are designed to keep the contents of your fireplace away from the room, and you should be aware of more than aesthetics when choosing fireplace hearths in Los Angeles. But once you have made the decision to remodel, you will find the selection process is a delight.


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