Best Type of Fabric for Upholstery

When you wish to update the appearance of your upholstery, you have a variety of choices when it comes to luxury upholstery fabrics. While colors and patterns are very important to create the look that you want, there are other considerations to remember.

Lightweight or delicate fabrics may provide an elegant look and are best suited for furnishings that are not heavily used. If there are children or pets in the home that use the furniture, these types of luxury fabric should be avoided.

You can still get a quality look with fabric that is heavier weight and more durable for the wear. Fabrics with the look of leather, vinyl, and linen can withstand everyday use and are typically easy to wipe clean.

When it comes to choosing color and pattern, there are a lot of choices. Just remember that it is easier to see dirt and stains on lighter colors of fabric. Fabric with patterns can provide an interesting look and feel to your furnishings, but those with textured patterns may attract pet hairs and dirt, requiring extra time spent in cleaning and care. Be sure to plan ahead for the best choices.


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