Cleaning Drapery

Buying luxury drapery fabrics wholesale can save you a lot of money in window treatments and allows you the options of choosing fabrics that better match your furnishings and decor. Proper care and maintenance can help your window treatments last a long time.

When you complete your regular dusting schedule, use the duster to dust off the top of the drapery where they hang to reduce build-up. For a deeper clean, you may wish to vacuum your drapes while they are still hanging.

Every couple of months, you may wish to take down your drapery, and either shake them out or pat any dust off of them. Hang them on a line to freshen up.

When more extensive cleaning is necessary, wash those fabrics that are water washable in your washer on the gentle cycle or as recommended. If you have the space, hang to dry outside. Otherwise, dry halfway in the dryer then hang back up to complete drying. Others should be dry cleaned.

When you wish to use luxury fabric to create your own window treatments, it is important to know the care instructions before you purchase to better care for your finished drapery products.


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