Average Cost of Kitchen Remodeling

The average cost for remodeling a kitchen varies depending on your geographical area. Costs can even vary from contractor to contractor in the same area. While the average cost of kitchen remodeling in Orange County runs from between $27,500 and $30,500, actual costs may be higher or lower depending on several factors.

Experience. Typically, more experienced contractors charge more than those with less experience. However, more experience does not always mean better results.

Flooring. The quality of flooring will impact the durability and longevity, but will also affect the initial cost of the project.

Counter tops. The size, shape, and material used in your counter top will each affect your total cost, so it can pay to shop around for a good value.

Cabinets. Whether you replace or resurface your cabinets makes a huge difference in price. Cabinet hardware can also have a large impact.

It pays to compare the estimates of several experts in kitchen remodeling in Orange County before making your final decision. You do not have to automatically choose the lowest estimate. Be sure to know exactly what you will be getting in terms of quality and value from each contractor before deciding.


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